Multi-Family Property Management

Let Us Manage Your Pahrump Multi-Family Property


Are you looking to hire a property management company for your multi-family rental property? There’s no better company to call upon than Freedom House Property Management!

We’re a full-service property management company offering comprehensive management solutions for our clients spread throughout Pahrump and surrounding areas. Our clients can attest to our quality customer service, professionalism, and diligence.

Freedom House Property Management offers customized management solutions for the properties in our portfolio. We appreciate that not all properties are the same, and will design and implement a tailor-made plan just for you.  

Is the management of your multi-family rental taking a toll on you? We’re the experts you should trust in. Get in touch with Freedom House Property Management today and receive a quote for our property management services!

Our Multi-Family Property Management Services

Freedom House Property Management offers a wide range of property solutions to meet the diverse needs of property owners in the area. Some of the services that we offer include:

Property Marketing and Advertising

It’s the goal of any landlord to secure tenants and have their rental property leased for the entirety of the year. But a tenant may decide to terminate the lease prematurely or the agreement may naturally expire. You’ll then have to implement a comprehensive property marketing and advertising solution.

Marketing isn’t just about taking photos of your property and writing a few words describing it. You need to be able to reach your target demographic and convince them on why they should choose your property over others in the area.


Rely on the experts from Freedom House Property Management to use our wide range of marketing tools to attract potential renters. Our marketing solutions include staging your house to renters once they show interest.

Tenant Screening

You shouldn’t lease out your rental property to the first renter who shows interest. Be ready to analyze their character, personality, and financial capability.

Most property owners in the area lack the network, tools, and experience to properly screen prospective tenants. That’s why we recommend that you trust in the thorough tenant selection process by Freedom House Property Management!

We’ve refined our tenant screening solution to ensure that your multi-rental is only leased by the best tenants in the tenant pool. Once we receive their information through the use of renter application forms, we will screen their employment history, rental history, criminal background, and social security.

Our tenant screening will meet the provisions of the Fair Housing Laws and will be 100% legal.

Rent Collection and Review

When you have so many tenants leasing your property, rent collection can be quite a challenge. There might be one or two problematic tenants who pay their rent late as well as delays through the use of outdated payment solutions.

Freedom House Property Management makes use of digital, cashless solutions that provide your tenants with convenience. They’re then able to pay their rent from wherever they are. In addition, cashless solutions reduce the possibility of late payments and theft.


After years of charging the same rent amount, it might be time that you reviewed the rate. There are bound to be many changes in your area. New commercial developments might have increased the allure for property in the neighborhood. Your rent should be reviewed to reflect these new changes.

Legal Compliance

Choosing to be a landlord means that you should always be in compliance with county ordinances, as well as state and federal laws. You might have the knowledge of laws, but their interpretation and compliance can be much more complicated.

The team at Freedom House Property Management has years of experience in guiding property owners on Nevada property law. We stay up to date on all new developments and keep your multi-family property compliant.


As much as many landlords might not want to talk about it, eviction is always a possible outcome when you choose to rent out your property. It’s a reality that we have to face even with our comprehensive and thorough tenant screening solution.

Eviction requires strict compliance with Nevada Landlord-Tenant laws. The Freedom House Property Management team will take care of everything should there be a need for an eviction. We’ll even represent you in a court of law.

Property Inspections and Maintenance

From our experience in leasing and managing properties in the area, the success of your investment is directly related to the condition of your rentals. If your multi-family property is always in tip-top condition, you’ll be able to maintain your tenants for the long term.


This also requires that you always be on your toes, inspecting the property regularly and meeting your tenants’ maintenance needs. 

This can be quite tough on the typical property owner. Outsource the management of your property to us, the #1 property management company in the region.

Even with regular inspection of your property, there’s always the possibility of your tenants requesting emergency maintenance. Our communication channels are available 24/7 and you can rely on us to respond immediately to your tenants’ needs.

Why Do Property Owners in the Region Rely on Freedom House Property Management?

  • We’re always available: Property owners and tenants throughout Nevada can testify that we’re always easily accessible. Should there be an emergency and your tenants need to reach out to us, all they have to do is call.
  • Affordable prices: All our property management services are charged at competitive prices. This makes them affordable to all potential clients in the region.
  • Customer service: Our diligent customer service will bring a smile to your tenants’ faces. Our property managers are willing to go the extra mile for you.
  • Experienced and licensed property managers: We have a reputation of being the leading service provider in the area. Freedom House Property Management only hires the best of the best property managers!

Areas We Serve

Freedom House Property Management is proud to serve Pahrump and Nye County, Nevada.