A Guide to the Eviction Process in Nevada 

According to the Nevada landlord tenant laws, landlords in the state of Nevada have a right to evict their tenant under certain circumstances. It could be that your tenant is late on paying rent, or has violated a term of the lease, such as illegally subletting the unit.  Luckily for you, the Nevada eviction process…

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Nevada Security Deposit Laws

As a landlord in Nevada, you have a right to ask for a security deposit from your tenants. This security deposit can help you protect yourself against potential financial issues that may arise from renting out your property. Such financial issues could include: At Freedom House Property Management, we believe it’s critical all landlords fully…

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Nevada Rental Laws – An Overview of Landlord Tenant Rights

Have you made an oral or written agreement with your tenant to inhabit the property in exchange for paying rent? If so, a rental agreement would be deemed to exist as per Chapter 118A of Nevada Rental Laws. Once a rental agreement exists, both parties automatically obtain certain rights and responsibilities. On one hand, you…

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